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After the final conference organized in Slovenia, the dissemination impact of the NeTIRail-INFRA project was extended by a workshop in Ankara, Turkey. A two half-day workshop was organised on May 29th and May 30th. The workshop was performed in Turkish to get more attendance in the Turkish railway sector. As expected, most participants came from the Turkish State Railways (TCDD) and Raysimas Co. (private sector). There were more than thirty participants.

The workshop was organised to explain the general concepts of Netirail and the presentations prepared for the final conference were translated into Turkish. The first day of the workshop was dedicated at explaining the Netirail project and presenting the results of the project. The second day of the workshop was more specialised on activities performed by TCDD and INTADER. During the workshop, NeTIRail website, published reports and contact details were amply shown to enable participants to learn more about the project.

Presentations in Turkish

IP1. Yeniliklerin ekonomik etkiler

- Powerpoint - 385.9 kb

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IP2. Demiryolu hatti innovasyonari ve sonuclari

- Powerpoint - 1.4 Mb

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IP2. Yaglamanin iklim tiplerine ve hat yogunluguna gore siniflandirilmasi

- Powerpoint - 11.8 Mb

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IP2. Makaslar ve kruvazmanlar icin yalin optimizasyon teknikleri

- Powerpoint - 6.6 Mb

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IP2. Demiryolu hattinin tipi ve trafigine gore uygun maliyetli gecis bolgelerinin dizayni

- Powerpoint - 11.9 Mb

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IP3. Katener hat sistemi icin akim ve gerilimin izlenmesi

- Powerpoint - 4 Mb

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IP3 Seyir teli icin ivmelenme izleme sistemi

- Powerpoint - 4.1 Mb

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IP4 Dusuk maliyetli akilli tefonlar ile konfor izleme uygulamasi

- Powerpoint - 11.3 Mb

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IP4. Anklasman sistemlerinin iyilestirilmesi

- Powerpoint - 3.4 Mb

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IP4. Duz hatlar makaslar kruvazmanlar icin ivmelenme izleme sistemi

- Powerpoint - 3.8 Mb

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IP4. Slovenya da gerceklestirilen dinamik olcumler

- Powerpoint - 4.8 Mb

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IP6. Degerlendirme ve karar destek araclar

- Powerpoint - 10.8 Mb

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Netirail-infra projesine genel bakis

- Powerpoint - 5.2 Mb

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On behalf of the H2020 EU-funded project NeTIRail-INFRA we would like to invite you to the FINAL CONFERENCE of the NeTIRail-INFRA Project
to be held on 24 May 2018 in Ljubljana

The NeTIRail-INFRA project is a 3-year, 5.4m€ collaborative R&D project funded by the European Commission, sponsored by INEA within the Horizon 2020 programme. NeTIRail is coordinated by The University of Sheffield, and has a total of 13 partners from 8 different countries.

Background to NeTIRail-INFRA
The NeTIRail-INFRA concept was based on designing railway infrastructure and monitoring tailored to the needs of specific lines to ensure the most cost effective and sustainable solution for different line types and geographical locations.
There is particular emphasis in the project on lesser used lines which are marginally economical and at risk of closure or require substantial public subsidies. As well as the lesser used lines the project also considers capacity constrained and freight dominated lines. And therefore, as well as identifying and developing new technologies, the project has also focused on the societal and economic benefits of marginal routes and the impact of the project’s innovations to society and the economy.

With this vision, NeTIRail-INFRA main scope has been to:

  • Identify the appropriate existing technologies for different line types and climate
  • Develop new technologies for cost effective transition zones, low cost electrification and measurement and monitoring technologies
  • Optimise S&C maintenance
  • Assess the societal and economic benefits of lesser used lines and assess the impact of the technologies developed within the project
  • Produce a GIS based decision support tool to aid asset managers in identifying the most appropriate technologies for their lines.

Conference highlights

  • Presentation of all of the technologies developed within the NeTIRail-INFRA project
  • Demonstrations of sensor technologies and the decision support tools
  • Visit of the railway museum, Networking dinner and lunch


NeTIRail-INFRA final conference Programme

- PDF - 131.1 kb

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Videos of the conference are available on U-Tube at:


Project overview

David Fletcher: NeTIRail-INFRA project overview

- PDF - 911.8 kb

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WP2: Track innovations and results

Jon Paragreen: Lean techniques optimisation

- PDF - 1.6 Mb

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Rahi Rahbari: Innovative low-cost transition zone design and modelling

- PDF - 1.2 Mb

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WP3: Overhead line innovations and results

Tudor Popa: current and voltage monitoring

- PDF - 1008.1 kb

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Tudor Popa Acceleration monitoring system

- PDF - 1.5 Mb

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Rahi rahbari Modelling of low cost trolley wire type overhead line system compared to catenary system

- PDF - 1.9 Mb

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WP4: Track monitoring innovations and results


- PDF - 876.3 kb

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Alfredo Nunez: axle box acceleration measurements in Romania

- PDF - 2.2 Mb

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Lucian Anghel: application for comfort monitoring using low cost smartphone

- PDF - 1.4 Mb

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Tudor popa: Acceleration monitoring system for plain line and S&C

- PDF - 838.8 kb

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Tudor popa: Upgrading old interlocking systems

- PDF - 1.5 Mb

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WP6: GIS asset management and decision-making tool demonstration

WP6 GIS asset management and decision-making tool demonstration

- PDF - 2.3 Mb

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WP5: Societal impact of innovations

Elisa Orru: Societal impact of innovations

- PDF - 1.5 Mb

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WP1: Economic impact of innovations and economic incentives

Manuel ojeda_cabral: The economic appraisal of NeTIRail railway innovations

- PDF - 245 kb

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Shift2Rail activities and approaches

Nikolaos Athanasopoulos: Shift2Rail activities and approaches

- PDF - 1.5 Mb

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Registration form

Wednesday 23 May 2018 6.00 pm: Visit and dinner in the Slovenia railway museum

Parmova 35
1000 Ljubljana

Thursday 24 May 2018 from 9.00 am to 6 pm: NeTIRail-INFRA final conference

Slovenske železnice premises
Kolodvorska ulica 11
1506 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Room: Steklena Dvorana, basement floor

Access to the final conference venue:

From the Central Train and Bus Station and Shuttle service: less than 5 minute walking.

The closest airport to get to Ljubljana is Ljubljana airport. Other airport connections are with Zagreb, Trieste or Venice airports. For the further way along the road to Ljubljana it is possible to take a bus or shuttle service.

Transfer from Ljubljana Airport:
For transfer from Ljubljana airport there are good connections with Ljubljana by bus or shuttle services.

Bus and private airport transfer services:

Shuttle service:
• GoOpti:
• Markun:

List of hotels


- PDF - 124.3 kb

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For more information, please contact Christine Hassoun at:

TRA2016_link to official website

NeTIRail-INFRA to be presented at TRA2016 in Warsaw (18-21 April 2016)

NeTIRail-INFRA will be showcased at TRA 2016 on the UIC Stand.

Take this opportunity to discuss with project partners at the UIC stand in the Gallery Expo as indicated in the map below.

TRA2016 Map of the exhibition

NB: The Early Bird registration rate expires on 15 February 2016. This means that you have just under one week to benefit from almost 40% off the full price!

Registration for the conference is open:

For the conference programme please consult

We look forward to seeing you in Warsaw!

NeTIRail-INFRA project to hold its 2nd consortium meeting on 22 March 2016 in Paris

this meeting is to be attended exclusively by the NeTIRail-INFRA consortium members who are requested to register online using the form below:

NeTIRail-INFRA Mid-Term Conference to be held on 4 November 2016 in Brussels

The conference to be held on 4 November in the very heart of Brussels will update partners on the progress in the first 18 months of the project, presenting some of the early results and the plans for the remainder of the project, as well as discussion regarding future development and collaborations.

Highlights from the conference will include:

  • Sensing and measurement technology – an update on the installation of the on-vehicle, track side and overhead line monitoring systems in Romania, Turkey and Slovenia
  • The results of the GIS mapping of track and overhead line failures and costs
  • The development of the track models for developing solutions for minimising corrugation development and transition zone maintenance
  • Lean improvement of S&C maintenance operations and installation
  • The development of the overhead line models leading to minimised life cycle cost of overhead line for the different railway systems
  • Use of the SATLOC system for data transmission from on-vehicle monitoring systems
  • An update on the development of the decision support tool
  • The conference also intends to address the commonalities between the NeTIRail-INFRA project and the Shift2Rail programme, and identify areas for further collaborations.