NeTIRail-INFRA Mid-Term Conference to be held on 4 November 2016 in Brussels

The conference to be held on 4 November in the very heart of Brussels will update partners on the progress in the first 18 months of the project, presenting some of the early results and the plans for the remainder of the project, as well as discussion regarding future development and collaborations.

Highlights from the conference will include:

  • Sensing and measurement technology – an update on the installation of the on-vehicle, track side and overhead line monitoring systems in Romania, Turkey and Slovenia
  • The results of the GIS mapping of track and overhead line failures and costs
  • The development of the track models for developing solutions for minimising corrugation development and transition zone maintenance
  • Lean improvement of S&C maintenance operations and installation
  • The development of the overhead line models leading to minimised life cycle cost of overhead line for the different railway systems
  • Use of the SATLOC system for data transmission from on-vehicle monitoring systems
  • An update on the development of the decision support tool
  • The conference also intends to address the commonalities between the NeTIRail-INFRA project and the Shift2Rail programme, and identify areas for further collaborations.

Programme and useful information:

The draft programme is available by clicking on the icon below.

NeTIRail-INFRA Mid-term Conference - Draft Agenda


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Introduction to the NeTIRail-INFRA project and mid-term conference
David Fletcher, University of Sheffield
Costs & Quality - Is higher punctuality more costly?
Andrew Smith & Manuel Ojeda-Cabral, ITS, University of Leeds
Evaluation and Decision Support Tools
Airy Magnien, UIC
Tailored track technology for different lines
Lucian Anghel, Tudor Popa, Dorin Burețea, ADS
Data for lean analysis and other methodologies for optimising S&C operational costs
Baisi Liu, IFSTTAR
Corrugation reduction strategy - Investigation on the development mechanisms of short pitch corrugation
Shaoguang Li, Zili Li, Alfredo Nunez Vicencio, Rolf Dollevoet, TUDelft
Development of low cost railway monitoring equipment
Tudor Popa, Lucian Anghel, Dorin Burețea, ADS
ABA for detection of RCF: towards a demonstration for the NeTIRail-INFRA case study lines
Alfredo Núñez, Zili Li, Ali Jamshidi, Jurjen Hendriks, Jan Moraal, Dirk Doedens
Smart technology interfaces for data transmission and interlocking
Tudor Popa, Dorin Burețea, Lucian Anghel, ADS
Shift2Rail - An introduction and Multiannual Action Plan for Infrastructure
Giorgio Travaini - Shift2Rail
Lubrication Systems & Data
Elif H. Öztürk - INTADER
Update on Corrugation reduction strategies and Transition zone model development
Rahi Rahbari - University of Sheffield
Tailoring of new overhead line installations to mechanical and electrical demands
Tudor Popa, Lucian Anghel, Dorin Burețea - ADS
Update on the Tailored overhead line power supply infrastructure (WP3)
Rahi Rahbari - University of Sheffield

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NeTIRail-INFRA to be presented at TRA2016 in Warsaw (18-21 April 2016)

NeTIRail-INFRA will be showcased at TRA 2016 on the UIC Stand.

Take this opportunity to discuss with project partners at the UIC stand in the Gallery Expo as indicated in the map below.

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We look forward to seeing you in Warsaw!

NeTIRail-INFRA project to hold its 2nd consortium meeting on 22 March 2016 in Paris

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